Membership Information

Top Ten Reasons To Join Marine Hills Pool

10. Vacation locally! One year's membership costs less than six fill-ups at the gas pump!
9. Get to eat Frito Banditos at swim meets!
8. Sun and shade - we please every skin type!
7. The smell of chlorine is so clean!
6. Swim with the 2011, 2012 and 2013 All City Champs!
5. Cannonballs are welcome!
4. Burgers grilled poolside, after a hot day in a stuffy office, just taste better!
3. No shoes, no problem!
2. Play pickle ball - the only sport originated here in the Puget Sound.
And the number one reason to join Marine Hills Pool.....

New members receive special membership pricing of $249 for their first year (a savings of $200) and FREE maintenance for their first year of membership - a $125.00 value!