League and Team Philosophy
The Seattle Summer Water Polo League was started by a very dedicated group of people that promote the game for the love of the sport. Most notably, the growth and success of the league is due to the tireless efforts of Stan “Doc” Zimmer, former University of Washington Men’s Water Polo Coach. Nearly all the coaches and referees have played water polo in college at some point. All of us are committed to coaching and want to see water polo develop as a legitimate sport throughout the entire Northwest. The league wants to provide as much water polo playing opportunity for as many kids as possible in the Seattle area. The basic league and team philosophy can be summed up like this:

1. Have Fun!
Water Polo IS fun - mix the best elements of basketball, soccer, and hockey and just add water! It allows for the development of individual skills while retaining the elements of teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.

2. Play Hard!
Water Polo is a competitive sport with a league championship at the end. We do play to win games, however we hope that all athletes will come to understand that doing your best is more important than winning or losing. True athletes love a challenge, and always winning probably means that you aren’t really challenging yourself. Learning to be a good, gracious loser and respecting your opponents is an extremely important part of the game. Win or lose, we encourage kids to play their best and that’s all that really matters.

3. Play Safe!
Accidents happen. A stray elbow might find its unintended mark just like in basketball or soccer, but water is still a much more forgiving playing field than a hardwood court or a hard dirt field. We all strive to play as safely as possible by avoiding reckless play and controlling our tempers. All games have referees that have the authority to calm down a game that seems to be getting too rough. Unnecessary aggression, rude behavior, and lost tempers will result in exclusion from a game. Coaches will remove players for a “cooling off “ period if necessary. Again, the ultimate goal is to have fun!